“After having heard that Lazarus was ill, Jesus stayed two days longer in the place where he was.”                 

                                                  (John 11: 6)

           This is an extraordinary passage of scripture.  Jesus is told that his friend Lazarus is quite ill and that he, Jesus, needs to come right away, and yet Jesus remains where he is for two more days before going to minister to his friend.  On the one hand this seems very unfeeling, until one stops to realize that Jesus is teaching us a larger lesson than we would at first imagine.

            People knew Jesus could heal, so he was summoned, but by waiting Jesus taught a much greater truth.  That he could raise his friend from the death and set him on a path to even greater life. 

            This teaches us a very valuable truth as well.  That in our limited minds we set boundaries of how we expect God is act in our lives. We set boundaries of what we think God is capable of doing.    We believe our healings can only look a certain way because we, as humans, can only imagine a certain outcome.  But through the unlimited power of Jesus we are asked to expand our belief to something even greater than we could ever imagine.  Jesus shows in this story the unlimited possibilities available through our faith in God. 

            So, as you lift up your prayers to God, know that your answers can come in a way that is far greater than anything you could have ever previously imagined. 

 ImageAffirmation:  “The answers to my prayers are revealed to me in ways far greater than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you God.”