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#Congress Steals Christmas

The Congress Who Stole Christmas

Forget the Grinch – Congress is the group that is the most likely to steal Christmas. Oh, December 25th will some as surely as will April 15th (tax day, in case you forget). But December 25th, celebrated as Christmas, a time of joy, laughter, good cheer, and yes, egg nog, is on the verge of being stolen. We try to teach reconciliation, peace and love, but when two sides of our government are head to head in such hatred and contempt one has to wonder if good cheer and glad tidings are ever going to be again the breath of fellowship and togetherness. We think of Christmas as giving a great example to the world of change and healing, so what kind of example are our leaders sending to us? But if we continue to believe in the spirit of the season, despite other appearances around us, then perhaps the holidays can not be shut down, even if Congress wants to consider us non-essential merrymakers.