Be Still and Know

“The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

                                                   (Job 33: 4)

             Dolores Leckey in her book, Seven Essentials for the Spiritual Journey gives us some great insight into ways we can lead a Spirit filled life that are all quite simple to do.  She begins by reminding us that we must always remember that God is here.  Right now, right where we are.  She continues with the following: If you can, move slowly rather than quickly, noticing the things around you. (Messy? Neat? Sunny? Tasty?) and people (Tense? Relaxed? Angry? Sad? Friendly?) Be self aware. (Am I making a mess? Am I way too tidy? Do I like my clothes?) Notice what is going on within you (feeling Tense? Relaxed? Angry? Sad? Friendly?. why would that be?).  Remember nothing can separate you from the love of God, and she encourages us to take that literally. Grab a Sabbath (take a real break) when you can. (Remember God took a day off).  Look back on the day – moments, people, events that brought joy or sorrow.  Very importantly, remember God is a God of new beginnings.  Stop and ask, “Wait.  What’s going on here?”  Practice gratitude throughout the day and linger over it, if possible.  Practice smiling.  A smile can go a lot further sometimes than any words we may offer.  And finally, remember God, for God never forgets about you.

             These essentials are indeed easy, but they are also vitally important.  Remember that we can change our lives by changing our focus and our thoughts.  So, what do you want your life to be like?  And, what thoughts and beliefs are you willing to have to support that goal?  Each thought is a new seed of possibility.  Perhaps the obvious question then is, how does your garden grow?

Affirmation:  “My life returns to perfect focus as I connect anew with God.”