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             As I go through the list of prayer requests we receive on Monday mornings from the Sunday services some of the most beautiful and heartfelt ones are from the children.  One recently especially touched me.  It read: “Thank you God for my life, God.  It is the best life anyone could ever have.”  Wow!  How many of us can say that and really mean it?

            This is a beautiful prayer of gratitude lifted up to God for all the blessings received.  I hope this little child is able to make this affirmative prayer each day and continue to see the blessings of God in the midst of whatever challenges they someday face.

            I remember seeing an interview once with Katherine Hepburn and during this interview she continued to refer to life as “fascinating.”  I loved that.  I have often reflected upon that statement, especially during times when life can seem unfair.  Life can indeed seem unfair at times and during those times it is easy to think God has forsaken us.  God is always, however, still right where we are at every minute and can lead us through those times with a renewed strength and restored courage.

            Life, in all its complexities, is indeed fascinating because God moves in fascinating and wondrous ways.  When we look, really look, for God, we find God. That’s what our young child’s prayer was about.  And it can also be ours.

“But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God.”     (John 1: 12)            

Affirmation:  “Thank you God for this wondrous life.  Even with its challenges, it is always fascinating.”                        

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time.  Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.


Please join us each Sunday at 5:30 PM in our Social Hall for our Contemporary worship and Praise service, “Acts of God.”  Come as you are and enjoy an hour of great music from our wonderful band and singers, inspiring messages and good fellowship.


Also, join me on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 PM for an hour of guided and silent meditation, reflection, affirmation and prayer.  As always, we will share communion together.  Everyone is welcome.

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