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I am kind of known as the “King of Affirmations,” dispensing positive statements of God’s truth and presence for us to take with us during the day.  I write affirmations on this blog, in my church newsletter column each week, as well as passing out affirmation cards at the conclusion of our Wednesday evening meditation service.  To this end, on those rare occasions when I have complained about something going on in my life my closest friends have been quick to say to me, “What is it that you preach?”  I’ve loved that.  We all occasionally need someone to remind us of the truth of God right where we are.

 Affirmative statements that we carry with us, in our thoughts, or even on a card in our pocket to read throughout the day, are a great way to get us back on track with God when the events of the day and their challenges overwhelm us.  One of my favorite affirmations was one I learned as a small child, written by the “other Jefferson,” the Declaration of Independence.  That document was about freedom, about understanding the present, and our affirmations of God’s presence are also about freedom.  Freedom from feeling separate and apart from an unconditionally loving God who is always, and always will be, right where we are at every moment.  Our affirmations return us to the present moment, in all of its glorious Spirit filled truth.

The other day I went online and a former classmate from seminary had posted the following:  “New doors have opened.  When are you going to get up the nerve to walk through them?”   Wow!  What a great reminder.  We have lifted up prayers to God and God has responded with the answers, but God has also asked us to do something.  Step through the door.  God presented the door before us, at one time it may have been closed, but now it is open.  Are we going to stand there and look through the opening, or are we going to take that next step of faith and walk through?  God answers, and we are to respond.  We must never forget that when we do walk through that open door that God is right there walking through it with us.

 Question:  So, how are you going to respond to God’s answers today? 

 AffirmationI respond to God today with shouts of “Yes.”  Here I am Lord, send me as you would and together we can be the change in the world that we all wish to see.

Rev. Jefferson Beeker

We live our lives one thought at a time.  Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.


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