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Scientists have done studies in which flies are placed in a jar and forced to live in a confined space.  Later, when the scientists remove the top of the jar the flies are so conditioned to their space that, with few exceptions, they remain right in that space.  New possibility is available to them, but they are still spinning in the same old thoughts.

Experiments with baby elephants have shown that when they are young they are shackled with chains of heavy links to posts.  Over time as they grow the strength of the chain is slowly made smaller.  By the time the elephants are adults and fully grown they are tied with a small thin thread to a twig and the elephants stay right where they are.  New possibility is available to them, but they are still spinning in the same old thoughts.

Fish in a tank were separated from one another by a glass partition and they lived this way for a period of time. They could see the other fish, but they couldn’t interact with them.  Finally the partition was removed but the fish remained on their side of the tank, never swimming into the new territory and joining the other fish.  New possibility is available to them, but they are still spinning in the same old thoughts.

What thoughts are we spinning in, nursing, cultivating and affirming about ourselves today?  If we think all is well with the way our life is going then great, keep up the good work.  But if life has a way of not working out the way we would wish, perhaps we need to realize a new truth.  A truth that includes the presence of God, right where we are, offering us new and unlimited potential.  Our God is not a God of limitation, but a God of abundance.  There is no partition separating us from all that we could be in life other than the one we erect through the power of our thinking.  If we continue to think and affirm that we cannot do this or that, or we continue to think we will never succeed, then of course that will be the reality we experience.  You can even think of it as the prayer we offered up and was answered.  We said, “I can’t,” and so that has come to pass.  But…what about if we turned our thoughts and our intentions to the affirmative side of life?  What if we changed “I can’t,” to “I can?”  All we need to do is eliminate the apostrophe and the “t.”  That is simple enough.  This shift in our thinking and in our outlook on life is our personal affirmation of the truth that God is with us every moment and is guiding us to experience the fullness of life, the fullest expression of life, that God desires for us. 

What to change your life?  Change your thinking.  Want to find the right ingredient that makes it possible?  Add God, faith, trust and a positive belief that your dreams and ideas are God’s dreams and ideas made known to you and for you.

What new affirmation shall we declare about who we are today?  What great things might we accomplish with God as our partner?   You decide.  There is no limit.

Affirmation:  “Good morning God, what new adventures can we experience together this day?”

 Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time.  Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.


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