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I read a lot of autobiographies and biographies.  People’s stories fascinate me.  As I read these stories I often wonder, if we were to sit down today and begin to write our life story what story would we actually tell?  There is the story we’ve lived, flaws and all, and the story that we are probably more likely to want others to know.

Regardless of what story we tell there is a larger fundamental truth.  God loves us and is available to be the most vital leading character in the story of our life.  As with all relationships, it is up to us to let God in.  What story of our life would God write?  As we look at our life and our story we should look at ourselves and begin to see ourselves as God sees us.  God sees us with unconditional love.  God sees us as a blessing to our earth and to our communities.  God sees us with great possibility to do wonderful things that enrich us, touch the lives of others and make fulfilling contributions to our world.  God always sees us with far greater potential than we ever see for ourselves. 

As we travel down our road of life there are many decisions to make and many stops along that route that we can take.  Our choices are infinite.  God wants us to make right and good choices that affirm life and affirm our place in his earthly kingdom.  Are we that Samaritan who is willing to stop and help another?  Are we willing to live the gospel truth that when we do to those the Bible calls “the least of them” we are doing it for Jesus?

The story of our life is rich with possibility and excitement.  Why?  Because we are never making that journey alone, we are never making those decisions alone and we are never in our time of darkness alone.  God is right where we are at every moment and we need only look within to see the power, the grace, the blessings and the strength of a God who really does love us unconditionally.

Through the miracles of Jesus we know that God sees life.  Abundant life. God sees wellness of spirit and remember God sees possibility.  So, go ahead, write your story…from God’s point of view.

“Then Jesus told them a parable…”  (Luke 18:1)

Affirmation:  “Today I make the decision to begin to see myself as God sees me.” 

Rev. Jefferson Beeker

We live our lives one thought at a time.  Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

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