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             The Rev. Dr. Carolyn Ann Knight has written “God never sends us where God has not been. God never sends us without first preparing the way.” 

            Where is it we want to be?  Where is it we would like to go? Can we get there?  What’s stopping us?   God has given us an idea, a seed planted in our minds and hearts.  It is also God who can make that seed blossom into something beautiful. 

            Are we traveling unchartered territory?  Maybe for us it is because we haven’t yet traveled down that road and gazed upon its scenery.  But God has been there and God has prepared the way, so our road is not really unchartered.  It has been prepared, cleared, cultivated, paved, landscaped and marked with scenic points well posted for our journey.  Each of us has a road created and marked especially for us, but unless we connect with the master architect we are likely to miss the turnoff.  Our internal GPS (God’s Prayer System) is up and running and available any time we decide to follow its directions. 

            So very often we have an idea for something we want to do and accomplish and our first thought (well, not always our very first thought) is “God I want to do this thing and I want to ask you to bless it.”  Now, in and of itself this is not a bad idea.  All that we do and all that we wish to accomplish in life we desire God to add Spirit’s perfect blessing for success.  When God is our collaborator truly amazing things happen.  But I always think that so often we spin our wheels and we want to do something that has real meaning and we stop in our tracks, not knowing which way to turn, what to do first, what to do second, and so we simply stay right where we are hoping for some inspiration.  God is a God of enormous possibility.  God is the greatest possibility thinker there is and God calls us to do likewise.  How about turning to God and praying, “God, please send me to that place that you have already blessed.”  When we do this amazing and wonderful new vistas are presented to us.  When we move to that which God has already blessed there is a power present that opens before us more opportunities than we could ever imagine.  We can also move forward with God having the assurance that as we do go forth God will give us all that we need, when and as we need it. 

            The Rev. Dr. Carolyn Ann Knight was absolutely right.  God does prepare our way.  God is waiting there for us and at the same time God is along with us as we travel that journey to getting there. 

            So, can we get there?  Yes.  What’s stopping you?  You decide.


“O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds thy hands have made.”    (“How Great Thy Art”, lyric)                                          

            Affirmation: “God has prepared my way and tilled the soil.  As I move forward I now plant seeds of faith and watch the blossoming miracles.”

Rev. Jefferson Beeker

We live our lives one thought at a time.  Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

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