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Have you ever asked someone to pray with you and his or her response was, “let’s be in agreement with God?” What did they mean by this?

We can be in agreement when we affirm that God is now and always hearing our prayers, even before we ask.  We are in agreement with God when we affirm that even though at this present moment we may not see the answer in completion, and it’s perhaps far off down the road, our answers are indeed in the process of being formed.  Just as a plant, or flower, has a time of gestation when it is being formed, nurtured and cultivated, so too the answers to our prayers may have what seems like a “quiet” period. This does not mean they are not being answered, just that the process has not materialized in a way for us to see it. We can be in agreement with God as we keep our faith alive, believing that the God who created all is creating now and at all times. We are also to remember that our answers may come in stages, as there may be something we need to do.  If that is so, our ever-vigilant faith will direct us in that way. Being in agreement with another also let’s us know that someone else is keeping our prayer alive, especially in those times when we may move into a place of doubt. It helps to know that someone else is knowing the truth of God for us, especially in the moments when we are tempted to give up, pack it all in or feel God has forsaken us.

I told my congregation last Sunday that God loves them no matter what. God’s grace is forever offered. Even in our time of doubt, when we might scream and be angry with God God is still going to love us. God is still going to nurture us and God is still going to hold on to us while we weep on God’s shoulder.

Through our faith and trust in God and God’s promises we can be in agreement that all is being handled.  God is always watching over us.  Know that, believe that, affirm that, and then watch how God blesses you and reveals the answers to your deepest prayers.

Let us be in agreement about that right now and always.

   “Agree with God, and be at peace, in this way good will come to you.”    (Job 22:21)

Affirmation: “I am in agreement with God and know my prayers are answered.  Thank you God.”

Rev. Jefferson Beeker

We live our lives one thought at a time.  Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

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