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Gracious and loving God, creator of all things, our rock and our foundation.  We gather in worship on this Palm Sunday and we come to commune with you in prayer.  We come collectively seeking peace for our world, safe harbor for our loved ones in harms way, comfort for those whom we love who are hurting and feeling separate from you.  We also each come with our individual needs, our hurts, our concerns, we come with our conflicts and we come with hearts that often are not where they should be.  As we desire to be steadfast in our faith, help us in our unbelief.  Where we are lacking, lift us to know that we may be in right relationship with you.  As we also come seeking understanding, help us to hear and to recognize your answers in our lives.  As we come to you in prayer may we first and always be thankful.  Thankful that as we believe, so shall it be done. May we recognize in gratitude your presence with us now and always, and know in our hearts that even before we make our requests known unto you, that you have heard them and are even now ministering to us through your unconditional love and grace.  Help us now to move from our concerns and seeing limitation, to recognizing your hand upon us and truly knowing that with you all things are indeed possible.  As we practice knowing your presence is forever with us, may we truly know that having asked, we have received, and having knocked, you have answered. 

Rev. Jefferson Beeker