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I have a friend who lost his left arm in an automobile accident a number of years ago.   As sad as this painful experience of loosing a limb can be, my friend is also one of the top church organists in the field. He records, he travels doing concerts, and he inspires thousands by his beautiful spirit. After his accident he was left with a choice. He could become defeated and lost, with his wonderful talent going unused, or he could find a way to continue his passion for music and the church. I am so proud of the fact that with only one arm he continues to thrill audiences and congregations with his many gifts.

He said to me once that even though his arm is missing he often has what is known as a “phantom pain.” It is as if his brain is searching for his limb, and not finding it, his brain sends out pain signals. These can be overwhelmingly painful, and often happen right before he begins to play to a full house. Still, he summons the courage and through his extraordinary faith in God he finds the strength to continue.       

Even though we may not have a missing limb I think we all suffer from “phantom pains” from time to time. We allow our past hurts and the supposed upsets of our past to stop us from moving forward in life. Our “phantom pain” of self-doubt and separateness from God can prevent us from moving forward in life and being all that God would desire our life to be. These past experiences color our present and future experiences and this vicious cycle continues until this pattern is broken.

The human spirit has an amazing capacity to heal.  It wants to heal.  Our human spirit longs to invite God into our experience. Just like my friend who looked in a new way for his healing we too must look for how God continues to raise us up in the midst of life’s circumstances.  When we look toward how God has, and continues to, bless us abundantly we make a wonderful shift in our thinking to seeing more, and still more, of how God is working for good in our lives.  God can truly perform wonders in the life of those who trust and rely on God/Spirit at each and every moment.

Call on God.  Give God thanksgiving for each and every one of your blessings.  They are many and the more you count the more you begin to recognize.   

                            “For I am the Lord who heals you.”     (Exodus 15: 26b)            

        Affirmation: “God continues to bring me through to new understanding of all that God blesses in my life.”

Rev. Jefferson Beeker



We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

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