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             So, visualize this with me. Three birds are sitting on a wire and it is very cold outside. The birds are sitting there, freezing, trying to wrap their little wings around themselves to keep warm. Finally, one of the birds decides it would make sense to fly south where it is warmer.

            How many birds are left on the wire?

            Do you know the answer? The answer is three. Deciding to do something is very different from taking action and actually doing it.

            So many of us are really good at having ideas and even making decisions about a great many things, but we never follow those decisions with an action. Having a great idea and making a decision is great, it is the first step in moving forward in our lives. It is the first step in recognizing that something needs to be done. It is the first step in understanding there is a need that perhaps we can help fill. But, just making the decision is of little value unless we then do something. Decisions need to be followed by actions.

            I think about Jesus approaching those who would become his disciples. In answer to his call of “follow me” the disciples first made a decision, but they went even further and took action. They actually left behind all that was known to them, their livelihoods and perhaps even their families, and they went. This is a profound action to be sure.

            God is forever blessing us with wonderful ideas. Our thoughts can be filled with inspiration for amazing accomplishments.   But we are called to be a people of action. Actions that not only move our lives forward in thrilling ways, but that also aid and touch the lives of others.

            Making the decision is the easy part when you stop to think about it. It costs you little and no one ever really needs to know about it. You can make the decision, do nothing, and who is really going to know about it? When we move on to taking action we are stepping forward, very often, in a very public way. We refrain all too often in taking the action because we worry we might fail. We might come up short, or we might not be able to succeed in the way we have envisioned.

            When we hesitate to move forward because of fear or self-doubt I think of the scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” We, of ourselves, may not have all that it takes to do a particular thing, but with the backing and support of the Christ there is nothing that can stop us. Our action may take time to show true success, but that’s all right. Time can be the great instrument of change and direction for us. Time can clarify our vision and help us to understand what our next action, and the next are to be. But we can do all things through the Christ who directs and guides us. So, celebrate your divine ideas, celebrate and give thanks that the decisions you make are wonderful. Then move forward in action to be that change in the world for good that you would desire to see.

Rev. Jefferson Beeker



We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

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