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I have been reading Robin Roberts book Everybody Has Something.  You know Robin Roberts, she is one of the anchors of “Good Morning America” on morning television.  One can tell from the smile on her face on the book jacket that this is one extraordinary woman.  Her book tells about her struggles with breast cancer and years later, as a result of those treatments, her experience of needing a bone marrow transplant because of how those earlier treatments had affected her body.  She writes that her mother had a saying as she and her sisters were growing up.  The saying was, “Make your mess your message.”  Take that experience you are going through and through your faith let your message to others help to give them hope in the midst of whatever their “something” might be.  This is a powerful idea, to make our personal mess our message.  It says that even through our struggle we can find an avenue to allow our journey to be a help for others.

Robin Roberts counted her many blessings as she went through her health scare.  Her family, her friends, her co-workers, her partner, her career.  In the middle of her pain there were still signs of how God had blessed her, and continued to bless her abundantly.  She thanked God for being with her each and every step of that journey and in the process she found an avenue to her healing.

God touches each of our lives in amazing ways.  We must continue to stop, give God thanksgiving, and count the blessings we have been given.  Counting our blessings changes the direction of our thinking and it re-focuses us to the power of God in our lives.  Our faith will be uplifted and our courage will be strengthened as we do so.  Our “mess”, may just become encouragement for another as it also moves us to a greater realization of the presence of God in our lives.

Affirmation:  “I start to count my blessings and I discover they are without end.  Thank you God for loving me so much that you would bless me in such wonderful ways.”                                

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time.  Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

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