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I have a pretty standard benediction that I use in worship and many of you have certainly heard it. I have adopted and paraphrased it from a mentor, for these words have always spoken to me deeply and they send me out of worship with great assurance. It goes: Know with me that you are never alone, for God is right where you are at every moment, and that you need only look within to find the peace, power, the blessing and the grace of a God who loves you unconditionally. And so it is, and so we let it be. Amen. So…what does it all mean?

We are to know that there is power in knowing the truth with, and for, one another, as we know it for ourselves; that we are never alone, for God will neither leave us nor forsake us. We may have turned away from God, but God gives us the assurance that we can also return and God will still love us. (i.e. the Prodigal Son.) God is right where we are, in our breath, in our thoughts, as our energy and the vibration of our very being and this is true at every moment for God is dependable, available, constant.

We need only look within. Touch your chest. Feel your heart beating? That is God. The peace, power, the blessing and the strength of God, whatever we need, is there, awaiting our recognition. (Is it healing, prosperity, perfect relationships? Whatever it is, God can provide). And God loves us unconditionally. There are no strings attached to the love of God.  We need not ever be afraid or worry that we have been forsaken because that simply will not ever happen.  God loves us too much.

But wait, even though God loves us with an unconditional love God does ask something of us, and without it, we cut ourselves off from our recognition of God’s power in our lives. God asks that we love Him with all our heart, and our soul and our mind and that we love our neighbor as ourselves. For what we would wish and desire and pray for ourselves we must also know for one another. So, know with me…God is right where you are at every moment.

Affirmation: “The beating of my heart is the beating of God within me.”

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

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