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I came across a children’s message I did in our morning service about four years ago. I thought I would share it with you because it really applies to us all.

To the Children: “Do you all know that you are flawless and fascinating? Yes, you are. You are flawless and fascinating not because of anything you did, but you are flawless and fascinating because as a creation of God you cannot be anything else. When God created everything, and that includes you, God did not have a Target, or a Wal Mart and believe it or not, not even a Cosco, to go to and get the materials. God created everything out of God. So you are the creation of God. Flawless and fascinating in every way. Think about the ocean, and the vastness of the ocean. You stand on the shore and look out and it seems to go on forever. Now think of one tiny drop of water from the ocean. Just a tiny drop. That drop isn’t the entire ocean, but everything in that drop is part of the ocean. It is the ocean in miniature. As God’s creations you are a drop of God. A very special drop of God created to do something unique and special and to have a special footprint upon our world.  I want you to know that with me today and celebrate that you are God’s creation.

Say with me an Echo prayer: God, what I know, is that I am never alone, that you are right where I am at all times because I am your creation. I need only look within, to find the peace, the power, the joy, and the presence, of a God that knows only good. And so it is, and so I let it be. Amen.”