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It seems I am forever having to update one app or another on my electronic devices.  Maybe it is the laptop, maybe the iPad, or maybe it’s the iPhone.  New information has become available, but the old app is unable to receive it.  As annoying as this often becomes, because it seems to always occur when I am in the middle of something else, I do know that there are advantages to the updates.  When I actually stop to think about it it’s pretty cool that we even have this technology.  Information is just a click away and our questions can be answered in record time and in a way we can understand.

Of course as a pastor this intrigues me.  (One of the things that seems to happen after seminary is that it becomes difficult to not think theologically about almost everything.)  So, I ask, are you up to date with your relationship with Spirit God?

When is the last time we checked in and allowed Spirit to speak to us in a meaningful way?  Not in a sound bite kind of way, God I need an answer to this one thing I am dealing with right now, but in a way that deeply communicates with Spirit that feeds our soul and changes our life?  Not that even getting a sound bite from God is bad, for that too is a powerful demonstration of our faith and those can be life changing as well, but going more deeply in our relationship with God can be ever so much more rich and fulfilling.  In any relationship spending quality time is always so much better than being ships that pass in the night.

Making quality time with God a priority is so important here.  Meditation is a great way to update our Spiritual App.  Thirty minutes, even three to five can be a life changer.  Heartfelt prayer is another.  Reading scripture and allowing the text to speak to us in a new way is also great and even a very familiar text can have new meaning when we meditate upon it.  When our connection with Spirit God is open, solid, clear and strong we open a place within ourselves for some amazing things to happen.  We open a place for revelations that we might have missed if we weren’t up to date with our faith and belief in the still greater possibilities of God available to us at every moment.

The positive energy and vibration of Spirit God is always flowing, but we have to be receptive and open to receiving it.  If you wanted to listen to classical music you would tune your radio to the classical music station, not the rock station.  Be open to hear God and you will hear God.  Be open to receiving the answers you seek and you will receive them.  God loves you and longs to spend time with you.

So again I ask, are you up to date with God?

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.