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Recently at our Wednesday evening meditation service we did a visualization meditation to clear some of our old limiting and destructive thinking and to open up a space within ourselves to welcome new revelations of Spirit/God’s magnificent presence.

The meditation was a step-by-step process that involves the following:




In the RECALL we bring something to mind consciously, seeing it as clearly as we can and naming it, something in our life that we are willing to give up. Perhaps it is feelings of unforgiveness, pain, discord, anxiety or worry. Our intention here is to clear away negative vibrations that have prevented us from moving forward in our lives. Sometimes, however, this negative block can be so deep that we have trouble knowing just what it is. We may need to spend more time trying to recognize and name it, but we also don’t want to get stuck at that point. Just knowing that negative blocks and energies are moving toward being released can go a long way in helping us move forward. After we become clear on this step we move on this we…

RELEASE it to God. We let it go and we allow God to take it and transmute it into nothingness. Having given it to God we can know that it no longer has any effect on our lives. Really experience the feeling that whatever has been preventing your forward motion in life is no longer an energy that can hold you back. From here we move on to…

VISUALIZE and seeing what it is we want. What is it that we desire to experience? Now see this clearly and name this. Is it love, peace, abundance and security? Maybe what you wish to visualize is the fulfillment of a new opportunity. Be specific in how you see it while also leaving room for God to mold it into the perfect manifestation of Spirit’s divine creation created just for you. Being specific doesn’t mean it has to look exactly like we see it in our minds. Our minds are limited.  God’s blessings may be greater than we had ever thought possible and we never want to limit the manifestation of God’s perfect gift. So, know what it is you wish to experience and then leave room for God to make it even more magnificent than you ever thought possible. The God who is universal individualizes blessings specifically for each of us. Scripture speaks of this when it says there are many parts, but one body. (1 Corinthians 12: 14-21) Having visualized the desire it is now important to…

ACCEPT. Receive it. So often the things we wish to experience we block from our experience by failing to accept God’s gift when it is given. Accept the gift allowing it to become a new part of your experience. You are God’s divine creation and you are loved unconditionally by a God who longs to bless you abundantly. Next…

CLAIM it. Affirm it as an experience that now is a part of your life. How does it make you feel?  Maybe you now see it fully manifest in your experience, or maybe not, but God is preparing the way and things are moving majestically in the universe toward the full manifestation of your prayer. And in doing this be sure to give God

THANKSGIVING. It is to be with gratitude that we experience God’s miracles in our lives. Again as we give thanksgiving we can affirm that we recognize God’s miracles in our lives as they appear. The answer and the miracle we seek may come in a way we had never thought possible and so we don’t want to miss it because it came to us in a way we hadn’t expected. Give gratitude to God for blessing you in ways that expand your understanding and faith of Spirit’s love.

This exercise can be done over and over as we release those things that have been holding us back while we allow God to move us forward.

This is a form of prayer that is specific, while still leaving room for God to be all that God can be in our lives. God is always so much greater than we can ever imagine and God’s unlimited blessing should never be limited because our human minds are limited.

I have often said to people when they pray for something specific, “great, now finish that prayer with “this God, or something better.” After all, wouldn’t you wish to experience more of God’s bounty in your life rather than less as the answers to your prayers?

Rev. Jefferson Beeker