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Each week at church we have a special word. Something to think about, a focus for our prayer and meditation time and a direction for our week.

Our words have power, a power to heal and a power to guide us.  May you be blessed abundantly as you allow our word for the week to speak to you. This week our word is SPIRIT.

Spirit God is everywhere present and is everywhere present exactly the same.  Since there is no beginning or end to Spirit (Spirit being infinite) the fullness of this perfect Spirit is available to each of us at every moment.  Spirit being eternal it can never be depleted and it can never be more or less for any one of us. Spirit is universal, everywhere and equally the same and yet it is also individual to each of us.  This individuality touches each of us in a unique and personal way, providing all that we need at every moment.  The uniqueness of the individuality of Spirit in us also creates for us our individual lives with their wonderful contribution to the perfect mosaic of God’s kingdom on earth.

Unlike our five senses we don’t touch, smell, taste, see or hear Spirit, but we do experience it.  Practicing living each moment in the perfect presence of Spirit can’t help but change your life and your life experience.

In the gospel of John Jesus said he would send an advocate, the comforter.  This advocate is with us to go to bat for us, to connect us in a very special way with all that is perfect, whole and complete.  It is there to guide and direct our lives to fuller expressions of God working in, through and as us.  The comforter is there to hold us when we suffer, to lift us in healing and also to give us hope for a brighter and more abundant future.

Theologian and author Richard Rohr has written: “God needs to catch us by surprise.” That is what Spirit does as it leads us to new discoveries of its action in our lives.

In the fifth century St. Augustine said it this way: “You called, you shouted, you broke through my darkness, you flared, and banished my blindness, you lavished your fragrance and I gasped.”

The experience of Spirit working in and through you is a life changer.  Welcome it, give thanksgiving for it, and enjoy the ride.

Affirmation: “I gasp at the amazing presence of Spirit working in my life today. I welcome change, celebrate newness and delight in being made whole.”

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life. Please join us each Sunday at 5:30 PM in our Social Hall at First Christian Church, North Hollywood, CA for our Contemporary Celebration and Praise service. Come as you are and enjoy an hour of great music from our wonderful band and singers, inspiring messages and good fellowship. Those things in life that you have been seeking have also been seeking you. Now is a good time to receive them. We will lift one another to live exciting, abundant new lives of possibility and purpose.

Also, join me on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 PM for an hour of guided and silent meditation, reflection, affirmation and prayer. As always, we will share communion together. Everyone is welcome. We are an open and affirming congregation.

First Christian Church, North Hollywood, 4390 Colfax Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604. http://www.fccnh.org


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