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I love the concordance at the end of my Bible. I also have several inspirational books that have a concordance at the end. Looking up a topic in the concordance, like peace, light, happiness, love, forgiveness or fear allows me to turn to where that word was used and it is a ready reference for what I need to know.

We often approach our prayer time with an intention, something we wish to understand and experience. We can address this intention by simply thinking of a word; peace, light, happiness, love, forgiveness or fear. We can then enter our prayer time with a specific outcome in mind. An awareness of greater happiness or love, or being able to move forward without fear in our lives. We can also meditate on the word “God,” and then experience all the places in our life where God shows up.

It is as if we have used a mental concordance, seeking greater understanding of some issue and turning to God for that answer. This can be a powerful way that we move into our time of reflection with God. We start with a thought or word, and then we allow God to take us on a journey of discovery as new revelations of God’s mighty presence are revealed to us.

Affirmation: “When I turn to God I go on a wonderful journey of discovery. The journey just gets better and better.”           

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.