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Our words have power, a power to heal and a power to guide us.  May you be blessed abundantly as you allow this word to speak to you this week.

What intentions are you setting for your life today?  What is it you desire to experience in this new year?  All too often we live our lives without thinking clearly about what we wish to experience and as a result our journey is more like playing bumper cars (bouncing off obstacle’s and disapointments) rather than it is moving from one well thought out plan to another.  What we think about, dwell upon, and affirm for ourselves becomes our experience.  We see good because we look for good.  We see possibility because we look at circumstances in our lives and see that there can always be more, not less.

An intention can be as specific as you would like, (a new job, relationship, home) or it can be more general, such as wanting to experience more happiness, joy and the presence of Spirit God working in your life.  As we set our intentions we must always make sure that we leave room for God to bless and support us. God can take our intentions and multiply them in ways that are far and above what we could have ever on our own imagined.   When we realize that we co-create our lives with God we open ourselves up to more exciting revelations of all that an abundant life can be.

So, I ask again.  What intentions are you setting for you life today?

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


 We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.