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“But Jesus would withdraw to desert places and pray.” (Luke 5: 16)

We too often look for the answers to life’s challenges as if they are going to announce themselves with loud trumpets and blazing light beams coming down from the skies, the wind spinning around us and depositing clay tablets in our hands with all the answers to our problems. My experience has been that God most often speaks to us in whispers – not shouts. That whisper is that tugging feeling we get, it is the idea that suddenly seems to pop into our head. It is that desire we have to suddenly “go for it” and do that thing we thought we just could never do. That whisper is that knowing feeling deep within that we are loved unconditionally and that we are precious in the sight of God. I think God may have been trying to get that idea through to us for quite awhile and it just couldn’t be heard until we finally stopped long enough, in the silence, and allowed it to finally be heard by us. That whisper is our intuition. In that whisper we find the seeds of possibility.

That silence shows up continually in our lives as a wonderful space, or GAP, between each thing we do and each thought we have. Without that space, or GAP, everything would get so run together that soon nothing would make sense and would be just one massive babble of activity. That GAP is that place I like to call GOD’S AWARNESS PLACE. It is that place that God invites us to enter that we might dwell there and refocus our lives and our thinking for what is next. This GAP is that place that may seem like nothing – but it is everything – because that is where we find the purest revelation of God. Jesus understood this and he made it a priority in his life.

Our answers come in the silence, the whispers, the gap. Dwell in that silence and prepare to be amazed. The wonderful things you discover of how God is working in your life will take your breath away.

Affirmation: “In the silence all things are revealed to me and finally make sense. What a glorious place it is, feeling the presence of God.”

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life. Please join us each Sunday at 5:30 PM in our Social Hall at First Christian Church, North Hollywood, CA for our Contemporary Celebration and Praise service. Come as you are and enjoy an hour of great music from our wonderful band and singers, inspiring messages and good fellowship. Those things in life that you have been seeking have also been seeking you. Now is a good time to receive them. We will lift one another to live exciting, abundant new lives of possibility and purpose.

Also, join me on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 PM for an hour of guided and silent meditation, reflection, affirmation and prayer. As always, we will share communion together. Everyone is welcome. We are an open and affirming congregation.

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