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“After this he said to them, ‘Follow me.’”   (John 21:19)

How could the Disciples have made sense of what they witnessed on that Friday as they watched what the Christ experienced in a horrific and brutal Roman execution? When the Disciples, in the first century, looked at the horror that was visited upon the Christ, and when we, in the twenty-first century, look at our most recent tragedies, what hope could we ever begin to find?

We find our hope, as did our ancient brethren, in the resurrected presence of the Christ, who reminds us that the power of God is always greater than the powers of this world.

Those who are cynical and like to throw our faith in our faces, because they have not allowed themselves to understand the power of God, have often said to me in response to what we see on the news, “so, where was your God when all of this horror was happening?” And I am here to tell you what I say to them, and that is that I know exactly where my God is. God was the first responder on that scene. I know that not because it is my job to know that, but because it is my life to know that. I have no life other than knowing that. I want no life other than knowing that.

God is always right where we are with a healing presence that affirms this prefect Spirit is with us always, to comfort and sustain us, to bless us, and to forever give us a renewed sense of hope. When we are in the most need God’s loving arms wrap tightly around us, hold us and comfort us with the assurance that joy does indeed come in the morning. To my cynical friends I have to ask, “Wouldn’t you love to receive such a beautiful gift?”

In the Jewish Talmud we read: “During the midst of the darkest night, act as though morning has already come.” God has not, does not, and will never forsake us. In the midst of whatever we may be going through God’s Divine, Perfect, and Loving presence is right there to reveal renewed hope, healing and forgiveness. This is the Spiritual Kingdom in which we are to live. God will always have the last word.

Affirmation: “The perfect flow of Spirit/God is the firm foundation of my life. I joyfully take my place as a proud resident of God’s Spiritual Kingdom.”

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.