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Where do you go when you want to find a peaceful place to connect with Spirit/God?

At our Wednesday evening meditation service, during the guided portion of the meditation, I often ask people to imagine that they are in their “prefect place.”  That place where they experience peace, comfort and that place where they can allow all the cares and worries of their life to simply melt away.  I believe we each have a special place.  Perhaps it is at the ocean and we love visualizing the waves crashing on the shore, the seagulls flying overhead and speaking to one another, the cool ocean breeze and the smell of salt air.  Or, perhaps your special place is by a crystal clear blue lake.  There are trees nearby as the forest comes up to meet the water of the lake and you have a beautiful spot in the clearing.  This is where you can hear the birds and the lap of water from the lake.  Maybe your special place is in a room and you are sitting in a chair that cradles you and makes you feel secure and loved.  The walls are painted a color that is soothing and the lighting is just perfect.  Maybe there are sounds in the room of chimes or soft music, or maybe there is just complete silence.  Or, maybe your special place is sitting in church, being surrounded by other people who are also sitting in prayer and you are hearing the music from the organ and being moved by the melodies of those who were inspired to create this beautiful music.

In our meditation time, as we visualize our special place, we can allow the peace and fullness of God to speak to us.  We can open our hearts and minds to let the fullness of this Spirit speak and minister to our human physicality.  The presence of all that is God moves through us, around us and out from us to lead us on a wonderful journey of discovery.  We are spiritual beings having a human/physical experience and in this time of contemplation our wholeness of being can come together.

What I love about meditating in this special place is that throughout my coming days I can return to that place in my mind at any moment and instantly recall all the peace, joy, happiness and possibility for life that I felt during that meditation.  Sitting in traffic, standing in line at the store, or watering my front lawn, I can return to the truth of God moving in and through my life.  If I am in a stressful situation I find calm and a sense that any stress in my life is being released.  Just thinking about my special place, that place I have created in my mind to experience God, brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.  I instantly find joy as I think of this place and know it is always available to me at any moment.

So, what is your special place?  I encourage you to create such a place and to visit there often.  Yes, God is always with us and always as close as our very next thought, but when we take time to move to our special place we have an opportunity to spend some wonderful quality time with our Creator.

Let me know what you experience.  Share your special place if you’d like, but if you want to keep that place secret, just between you and all that is Spirit, that is good too.

May God bless you in your meditation time and speak to you of the wondrous things Spirit would have you to know and understand.

Affirmation: “In the silence I pause to listen to Spirit/God.  Here I find my peace, my joy and my answers.  Thank you God.”


Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.