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“When Jesus family heard the crowd outside they could not even eat. The family went out to restrain Jesus because the crowd was saying, “He has gone out of his mind.”          (Mark 3:21)

When I was in elementary school I was bullied. There were a few people in my school who just didn’t like me and delighted in picking on me, seeing if they could make me cry, or run away and miss out on the joy of being on the playground with other classmates.

Judgments by others really hurt. Just judging another in our minds I think is a form of bullying. When we pick on them with our minds that almost always leads to picking on them with our actions. I guess sometimes there are people who just don’t “get” us. Understand who we are, or what we are all about. We don’t seem to fit into what “they” think we should be.

Now, I firmly believe that we are all unique and special creations of a loving God. God designed each of us, fashioned each of us, with a very special and fascinating personality, look, outlook, and with our own special dreams and ambitions. We are living out our unique creation when we go through our lives being fully authentic to that creation and being the best “us” we can ever be. As long as what we are doing does not hurt, bring harm or dehumanize another, we are being who God created us to be.

As we read through our Biblical texts, and learn how people treated Jesus, we can very easily come to the conclusion that he was also bullied by those who just didn’t understand him. When we decide to follow Jesus, and do as he commanded us to do, there will always be people who will not understand us and think we too are “mad.” But we do not let that stop us from living lives of transforming faith and conviction in the wonderful possibilities of God in our lives.

If being thought “mad,” “foolish,” or “odd,” is the price one has to pay for affirming the fullness of God’s power in my life, and for affirming the teachings of Jesus, then bring it on.

Affirmation: “Living my life following the example of Jesus is truly amazing, spectacular, blessed; well, the list just goes on and on.”

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.