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Losing My Religion: True Colors

Job 23:1-9, 16-17

"With Loud Cries and Tears." Copyright Jan Richardson. “With Loud Cries and Tears.” Copyright Jan Richardson.

“Instead of saying ‘God wouldn’t give you more than you could handle,’ you could say, ‘Let me come over and do some laundry.’”

So begins an article entitled, “Stupid Phrases for People in Crisis.”  In addition to the ever popular “more than you can handle” phrase, the author lists statements we often say when we encounter friends in crisis, consolations that fall flat in the face of human pain.  Things like, “It gets better,” or “When God shuts a door, he opens a window,” “Did you pray about it?,” and my personal favorite: “When I think about your situation, I’m reminded how blessed I am.”

We mean to help, but often our efforts fall flat, and worse: sometimes when we see friends in crisis, we add to the pain.

This morning…

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