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I am with you always; till the end of the age.”    (Matthew 28:20b)

I love on the computer how one can copy some text and move it to another place on a document. This is terrific. Throughout my seminary time as papers were written, revised and rewritten, this was major. In sermon prep, or even writing this blog,” it is so helpful. I know those of you who write are aware of its value as well. With a few clicks of the keyboard text can be moved to another place, or eliminated. If only in life we could make a click or two and change the appearance of things in our lives.

So, I was thinking, how can we apply this to our everyday spiritual lives? Is there a principle here we can apply to what is going on in our everyday experience?

Maybe there is, and we don’t even need a computer. Suppose a situation occurs that challenges you, causes you to stumble a bit, or even to think there can be no positive outcome. Think about the presence of God in your life, the presence of the God who loves you and cares for you, the presence of God who always gives you new hope for an abundant life. Now, take your faith in God, Copy that faith and then Paste it into whatever is going on in your life right now. Put God into that place you are experiencing. See God moving in that place. See God blessing you in that place and experience God ministering to you in that place.  The challenges of life will still be with us, but as we practice this principle and apply God’s presence we begin to see how we can move through those challenges and on to a greater awareness of those things we wish to truly experience.  Often, as we see God moving through our each and every breath, our challenges soon give way to opportunities that lead us into exciting new adventures for an abundant life.

Place the fullness of God into any situation you may be facing. God is already there because God is now and always everywhere, but affirming this consciously is a powerful declaration of belief that allows us to see God’s hand in the outcome and in the miracle.

Have a challenge? Apply your trust in the goodness of God to carry you through to new possibility and greater days ahead.  Daily affirming the powerful love and grace of Spirit/God is a great way to not only begin your day, but to also change the direction of your thinking into a more exciting and affirmative flow of positive energy moving throughout your entire life experience.

Affirmation: “I experience the presence of God in this and every moment. I am protected, loved, blessed and nurtured by a God who knows only good.”    

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.

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