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The Lord accepts my supplication; the Lord accepts my prayer.”     (Psalm 6: 9)

Do you ever notice on your computer that so often when something is being downloaded on the inter-net that on the screen you see a little pinwheel twirling around? It is telling you that your content is being loaded. Somewhere, somehow, what has been requested is being delivered. Sometimes this happens very quickly and other times it can seem to take forever. Usually in the later circumstance our impatience makes it seem longer than it actually is and our getting frustrated has absolutely no effect on the download. It comes in it’s own time.

The answers we receive to our prayers are much the same way. We make our request known to God and we do so with the assurance that God hears us and answers us. Wouldn’t it be great if instantly we received our answer? If our connection with God and the download of our answer to prayer was as fast as our inter-net connection?

Lifting up our prayers to God is a powerful way to begin to renew our faith and belief in divine possibility. With the awareness that having lifted up our request God is responding and our prayer is in the process of manifestation moves us even further to a spirit of renewal in living an abundant life. More often than not the answer we seek takes some time. Like the pinwheel whirling for our download. Too often because we do not immediately experience the answer we think nothing is happening, but that is not the case. The answer is coming and on the unseen side of life events are moving and happening toward the fulfillment of our recognizing the answer.   We are to wait with joyous expectation that God has answered our need.

There is a wonderful song lyric that goes: “the dark of night will always find the light of day.”   Our answer will always find us, but we must be receptive to understanding and recognizing that answer. This is the essence of spiritual renewal. It is trust, it is hope, and it is belief.

Affirmation: “The answers I seek are forming in God’s perfect timing. I trust and I believe in the power of God in my life today and always.

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.

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