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Recently I drove with my brother from Washington, D.C. to Greenville, South Carolina to officiate at the funeral of a beloved Aunt.  She was 89 years old, and she said told us for several years now that when her time came to go home to be with God that she would be ready.  The strength of her faith and her outlook toward all that is life was something that brought us all comfort.

Family members had arrived in Greenville from various parts of the country and it was wonderful to see them.  Through our laughter and tears we were able to re-connect in new ways.  What all of this brought even more clearly to me was the need to always remain mindful of the present moments.  It is so easy to rush about, worry about what needs to be done, what should be done, and miss out on the joys and experiences of the moment at hand.  We only get that moment once.  We don’t want to miss a chance to experience what it can bring to us.

Often throughout the day I remind myself to be mindful.  To not go onto autopilot and let the minutes, and hours, fly by, only to later stop and wonder what all I had done in that time.  Being mindful while meditating, being mindful while walking, shopping, driving and going about each thing we do not only brings a beautiful calmness to life, but it also keeps us in touch with Spirit/God in each of those moments.  It helps to build our relationship with Spirit and as we do so our life seems ever more blessed and abundant.

Right now as I type I am being mindful.  God is indeed in this moment and will be in each following moment throughout my day as I open a space in my consciousness to invite Spirit to flourish.  Doing this reveals the even greater possibilities of life that are available to us.

Next weekend we travel to Madison, Wisconsin for a wedding.  Spirit/God will be in that place with us, and our mindful attention to that wonderful presence will heighten each thing we do and make them ever so much more meaningful.

Affirmation:  “Each moment is precious and is a gift from Spirit/God.  I cherish each and every one with thanksgiving to God.  

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


 We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.

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