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Remember, I am with you always.” (Matthew 28: 20)

Closed today. Imagine if God were closed one day a week. No healings. No one to receive our prayers, no one to answer our calls for help. But that will not ever happen. Not ever.

Jesus got into a lot of trouble by healing hurting and disenfranchised people on the Sabbath. The Pharisees, and the so-called experts of the Hebrew law, said that this was not to be done. But Jesus showed that when there is a need the Spirit of God is always available to minister to that need. Jesus told the “experts” that the Sabbath was made for ministry and to not heal, clothe, offer shelter, or any other ministry, would be a disservice to God’s unconditional love.

It is comforting to know that God is always available to us. Late at night when we can become so overcome with our fears, God is there. At the bedside of an ill or dying friend, God is there. In the midst of our having to make major, life altering decisions, God is there and never closed.

But let me also ask you this. When God reaches out to you to meet a need, to display your faith and belief in Spirit’s ever-available presence, or to ask you to do something for his church, are you closed? Are you closing off the ability of God to reach out to you, to show you the answers you seek, or to trust that where God is leading you is where you need to be? We are open to God when we allow our faith, our trust and our actions to move us forward in a positive and affirmative way. We are also open for God when we say, “yes, Lord, send me forth to do wonderful things in your name.”  We are open to God when we see possibility and newness of life before us.  We are open to God when our very life is an example and statement of inclusion, love, peace and proclamation that all humans have value and worth.  We are also open to God when we know that in our humanness the challenges we face can be overcome and surmounted, with a brighter new day and reality our experience on the other side of those challenges.

To be open is to receive. To listen to God with a wonderful intention to understand. Allowing the Light, the Spirit, the Truth of renewed faith to continue to lead us forward.  Receive, accept, give thanksgiving and praise to a God who loves you unconditionally now and forever.

God is always available to us and we must also always be available to God. It’s called a relationship.

Affirmation: “My connection to God is always open, active and available. God is there to meet whatever need I have and I am there for God to proclaim Spirit’s unconditional love to all.”                    

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.

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