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For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God.” Romans 8:19

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.” Ephesians 5: 1

So, to answer the question above, how do you define yourself? Gender? Race? Sexuality? Where you live? (Southerner, northerner, mid-westerner?) Your job? Marital status? Church affiliation? Or any other definition you can think of?

We are indeed one or more of those things as we define ourselves as human beings, but that is a classification that is created and lived out in human terms. In human-thought. It has whatever reality in our lives that we choose to place upon it. Each of these things can, if we choose to solely use them to define us, hold us back from the full potential and expression we were placed on this planet to realize and live.

Regardless of how we may identify ourselves – race, gender, sexuality, education – God has created us in, and with, a marvelous Spirit that awaits our acceptance as our true vision in our going forth. God’s life, lived within and as us, is who we really are. God’s presence, as well as where we truly live as spiritual beings, is so much more than our human thought can ever imagine.

Our thinking – our humanness – as wonderful and filled with choices as it is – often clouds the truth of what we are capable of achieving and where we truly live. We live in the presence of an awesome God. Our true home – our ultimate address – is in God’s presence. Your true address is not your street, your city or your state, your true address is in the kingdom of God, lived and experienced on this earth with enormous potential and good. In this place there can be no fear – for there is no darkness. We live, first and foremost in a spiritual kingdom that we are right now experiencing as our life on planet earth. As humans we place conditions, labels and definitions on things so we can understand them, and our understanding is more often a false one. The real truth of who we are is as God’s children, God’s perfect creation. Our creation has come upon this earth for a marvelous expression, to enjoy life, and also, to aid all humanity. We are not meant to label things with an intention to divide and feel superior. Those things only have the meaning we choose to give them and that meaning is more often than not a false meaning created from our own perception of lack and limitation. When we see ourselves, and others, as spiritual beings first, the human labels we would attach in our thoughts have less impact on how we choose to react and live here. We are meant to experience living “on earth as it is in heaven.” We can only do that when we celebrate the mutual creation that is our very core. This becomes for us the essence of living our lives in pure love. This for us eliminates our need to fear.

When we turn our thoughts to love, the opposite of fear, and when we trust that our true spiritual home, breathing and living in God’s presence, is where we really are, we discover that in doing so the natural result of that is that we are living in peace.  It can begin with each one of us, and as we live that, and model that for one another, soon our world can make the shift into seeing a truer picture of who and where we are.

When we move from fear to trust and love – realizing the true kingdom in which we live – our real personal address – God gives birth to something new in us. God gives birth to a resurrection spirit of hope, a passion for justice and a bright light of truth that can lift us from any challenges we may face in life.

It all begins with your choice, your decision. So, who are you really and where do you really live?

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.

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