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What does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8)

Today, along with Jesus, we begin a journey, we begin a walk, we begin a pilgrimage forward. We begin an expedition toward new creation – For ourselves, and for our community.

And so as we travel – we pray.

We pray for guidance. We pray for eyes that see more clearly the world around us and the things of this world that need healing. We pray for ears that hear and understand the cries of pain and despair of others. We pray for hearts that are open to receive one another and to reach out to one another with the same unconditional love that our fellow traveler, the Christ, has so beautifully modeled for us.

And so as we travel, we seek to learn. To be teachable.

We journey forward in a community of spirit that leads us to where it is we are most needed. Most assuredly our journey will take us off the sure, and the steady road and lead us into places that may seem foreign and unknown to us. But as we follow the Christ we know we are forever led to just where it is we are needed to be at any given moment, to bring a light of renewed hope and possibility – to all God’s people for a brighter future. As we share our light with others we know they too share their light with us – and for this shared experience we are all stronger.

And so as we travel, we draw strength and courage through our shared community of peace.

We travel a terrain that is at times very familiar and it is one that we know well. We know each road, each scenic overlook, each hill and each valley and the journey is easy. But off in the distance we see those who are sick – and those who are hurting – and those who are refugees needing a sense of belonging – and so we take the perhaps unfamiliar path that we might minister to them with love and with justice and with a presence of hope, caring and grace.

And so as we travel, we humbly serve.

Whatever burdens we ourselves may be carrying we release and turn over to God, knowing that in doing so we receive forgiveness for our shortcomings and renewed strength that we might continue with courage and resolve.

And so as we travel, we trust and we remain faithful.

We pray – not for tasks for which we are already capable, we pray not for tasks that meet our current abilities – but we pray that in seeing and rising to meet a need we will be given all we require, as we require it – to make a difference in our fragmented world. We say “send me God” to that place you have already prepared – that together we might bring a spirit of reconciliation and justice – and kindness and affirmation – that all people will recognize the dignity and worth of each and everyone as your beautiful creation.

And so as we travel, we reconcile.

No longer do we classify by Jew, or Gentile, no longer is there “us” and “them,” no longer is there black and white or gay and straight, for in God we affirm all are anointed as precious.

Together we break down the walls of division and together we build bridges to understanding as we walk arm in arm in unity. Together we are stronger and together we bring a brighter light of justice into our world.

And so as we travel, we worship. We proclaim and we rejoice that our journey is blessed – and the song on our hearts – shouts continually of the glory of God.

Today is our starting point – This Ash Wednesday. Our journey through the season of Lent is a journey into renewal. A moment that changes the vibration and energy of the world because this is the moment that together we say, “yes, God, in you all things are indeed possible.”

What does the Lord require of us?

To walk toward Jerusalem with Jesus, to walk into Easter with a resurrection spirit that overcomes death and proclaims new life.

And so it is that we pray, so it is that we journey forward – and so it is that we begin today – in faith – to be changed.

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.

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