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“I am the Light of the world.”  “I came that they might have life and have it abundantly.”     (John 9:5, 10:10)

I know that we all have great ambitions and dreams. I know that I do and I continually pray for, and believe in, the desires I have that they may blossom and manifest into the fullest expression of life I can lead.

What I know and have come to believe through my years of prayer, meditation and contemplation about the presence of Spirit/God in my life is that we are each created to be more than we are currently experiencing. We see ourselves in a microcosm of being, both mentally and physically, but Spirit/God sees us in the fullness of all we have been created to be. I could find this frustrating as I try to be all that I desire to be and yet seem, through my limited physical mindset, to fall short time and time again, or I can know that as I continue in prayer and meditation to connect with Spirit that I am moving, even if it is slowly, toward all that I can be.

As I do my prayer and meditation practice daily I always begin by giving Spirit/God thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for what I have and who I am right now, as well as thanksgiving that I am moving forward to experiencing still more of God’s miracles in and through my experience. When we begin in gratitude and thanksgiving I believe we truly set the stage for God to enter the deepest parts of ourselves and open us to seeing more of what has been a part of us the whole time. Because we only can experience at the current level of our understanding and awareness starting in thanksgiving is a wonderful way for us to open up those inner channels to seeing more clearly, to feeling God’s presence more deeply, and to moving into a new elevated vibration of consciousness. Spirit/God will always reveal to us more of who we are if we are willing to connect and expand in our thinking, believing and vision.

There is a children’s story I love. It’s about some chickens and an Eagle. It seems this baby Eagle feel out of its nest one day and into a chicken coop. The chickens loved the little Eagle and took pity on it, so they raised it to be one of their own. They nurtured and treated the Eagle just as they did all the other little baby chicks. The Eagle started to walk around the chicken coop and copied completely the walk of the chickens. It walked like them, tried to cluck like them, did everything just the same way the chickens did.

Then, one day a full grown Eagle flew overhead and saw the little Eagle in the chicken coop, walking around like a chicken. This intrigued the big Eagle so it flew down and said to the little Eagle, “What’s up dude? Why are you walking around like a chicken? Don’t you know you are an Eagle? You were created to fly, to soar with the clouds, not walk around in a pen all day clucking like a chicken.” And so the big Eagle showed the little Eagle how to fly and soon the little Eagle became the beautiful creature of God he had always been created to be.

Spirit/God created us each to soar and prosper. Too often we have seen ourselves in a limited way when we need to see ourselves with the fullness of all we that we truly are.

Let Spirit/God reveal all that you are. Thank Spirit in advance for doing just that very thing and then know that more of who you are can blossom.   As you spread your wings to soar into the heavens of an abundant life a new vision and the real you will emerge. Remember Jesus said, “I came that they might have life and have it abundantly.” He came that we might recognize all that we are created to be.

Affirmation: “Each day I grow in the realization of all that I was created to be. Spirit/God is, as always, my guide.”  

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.

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