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The Spirit within me refreshes me daily. I feel myself saturated with the Life Essence Itself; I feel the same Life Essence flowing in me.” (Dr. Ernest Holmes)

So many people tend to think that when we enter into meditation and into the silence that the silence is empty and a void. That it is darkness, that it is without substance or purpose. Nothing could be further from the truth. The silence is not empty, it is filled with Spirit/God. We have sacred substance inside of each of us. We live in the midst of silence even though we probably think that we do not. In between each and every one of your thoughts, there is silence. No matter how fast you may think your mind is spinning, there is a space between each and ever thought you have. In between each and every word you speak, there is silence. Millions of moments of silence make up our day. These periods of beautiful pauses are available for discovery. Discovery of who we truly are and discovery of the presence of Spirit/God who has created us to be magnificent beings.

Because those periods of silence are so little known and experienced by us we miss a great opportunity to experience the fullness of God, deep within us, right where we are at every moment. A divine presence that is the true make up of our own spiritual DNA. When we stop and allow that silence to be elongated, to be stretched out and become a more intentional experience, we are able to absorb more of that beautiful Spiritual presence and truth in our lives. We are able to let millions of thoughts and impulses connect more deeply with our conscious mind and move us to seeing new and exciting possibilities in our lives. Even a few minutes of contemplative silence can make a huge difference. Why settle for a thimble full of Spirit when you can have a bucketful?

Easy to do? Of course not. Not because Spirit is unwilling to speak and make Itself known to us, but because our human minds love to race from one thought to another with lightening fast speed. Nothing wrong with this, we don’t beat ourselves up about it, it is just how we are built. But what I do know is that taking some time to be conscious of our breathing, keeping our focus on the breath in and out, is the beginning to our experiencing the amazing power of Spirit that lives within us. When the mind wanders again, and it will, just bring the focus back to your breathing. I also like to visualize the amazing light of Spirit all around, moving through and around me as I sit quietly. Always returning to the breath, in and out. Another thought arrives, don’t dwell there, just recognize it and let it go, back to the breath. It does get easier, like exercising a new muscle. Do we fail when we allow our minds to fly off into extraneous thinking? Of course not. Again, it is natural. Each time we return our thought to the breath we have actually celebrated an amazing new victory. We will certainly celebrate hundreds of new victories within a single time of meditation.

There are many wonderful techniques for quiet meditation that I like. Mindfulness meditation (as described here) especially helps me to power down from the craziness of life and emerge renewed, empowered and ready for what is next in this wonderful journey of life Spirit has given us.

This is the most pure form of contemplation we can ever experience. The indwelling and all encompassing silence of God being Its fullest self deep inside of us, right where we are. The merging of our humanity with our spiritual self. This divine unity is the seed from which all miracles can soon blossom.

I love the words of Presbyterian minister and author James Finley who has written, “When engaged in contemplation, we rest in God resting in us.”

Affirmation: God invites us to sit with Spirit in the silence and be changed, inspired and renewed. Why would I ever choose to miss that beautiful gift in my life?”

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time. Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.

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