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Early last evening while I was driving to church for a Bible discussion I noticed that there was a fly in my car and that it was banging up against the front window in an effort to get free.  I certainly didn’t wish to harm the fly so, even though it was cool outside, I lowered my side windows hoping the fly would discover the other way get out.  I had a two-mile drive before me, so I thought the fly would surely finally find its escape.  But guess what?  Even though there was the answer to meet the wishes of this fly to get free it just simply continued to bang against the front window, with the same result each time. No freedom.  Even my trying to motion the fly toward the window didn’t work.

I started thinking about prayer, our answers and how we recognize them.  We were going to discuss this later at church.  As silly as this may sound watching this fly was a perfect example of how we all too often wait for the answers to our prayers to be revealed.

We prayed, we know the outcome we desire and we know most often that is followed with a period of waiting.  But I have realized, certainly in my own life, that the answers to my prayers that I seek don’t always come in the way I thought they would.  I, like most of us, expect the answer to show up in a particular way.  We keep looking for it to come in that way and when it doesn’t we think we are just not getting an answer. We sometimes then begin to plead for the answer, thinking that if we beg just right, use the right words, or make God enough promises perhaps then it will come.  But suppose the answer we seek has already presented itself, it is right before us, but it has come in another way – from another direction.  Because we are so focused on seeing the answer come in only one way we think we have been forgotten by Spirit/God.

I know the fly story may be silly, but when you stop to think about it the answer for the flies freedom was there, it was just too focused on how it had to come, or how it had to look.

This is why I like to always suggest that when we pray that we add at the end of our prayer, “and I will recognize the answer when it appears, however it may come.”  Affirm that we will be open to miracles coming from ways we had previously never even considered. This awareness of Spirit’s mysterious and wondrous ways often can show us that our answer has been with us all the time.  We were just not seeing what was already there.

Affirmation:  “And I recognize the answers as they appear, however they may come.”  Wow!

Rev. Jefferson Beeker


We live our lives one thought at a time.  Let each of those thoughts really count for something wonderful.

Be prepared to change your thinking and change your life.

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